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 Follow our adventure of building a new homestead nestled up against the Shannondale State Forest between Salem and Eminence Missouri in the hamlet of Timber. Our goal is to create a small farm and build a couple of rental cabins while utilizing sustainable and earth friendly means while also on a strict budget. The farm will provide guests an enjoyable and private atmosphere but still allow them to have a complete small farm experience while being close to all of the outdoor adventures the area has to offer.

Our mission is to increase rural economic development within the Missouri Ozark Bioregion using sustainable methods that promote rural life and the agrarian lifestyle.

Our goal is to have a cabin for us, an outdoor kitchen, our first rental cabin, a couple campsites, some gardens and some critter facilities completed within one year.

If anyone would like to come and help out a bit while also having time to explore the area, contact us!

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We are conveniently located at about the halfway point between Salem (25 miles) and Eminence (19 miles). 

​There is something for everyone to enjoy in the local area: from photography and birdwatching to hunting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking. or just relaxing and enjoying the country air.

Area Attractions

River Access Points- Mileage/Trip Times

 right out the door

Shannondale State Forest

Current River State Park

3 miles

2 miles

Barren Fork/Twin Spring

Montauk State Park

 36 miles

Echo Bluff State Park

 6 miles

Sunklands Conservation Area

 12 miles

Wild Horses-Shawnee Creek

 24 miles

Klepzig Mill

 35 miles

Rocky Falls

 33 miles

Blue Spring

37 miles

Alley Spring and Mill

34 miles

Devil's Well

11 miles